A week at the beach.

We’ve been here before but it’s always fun to come back. Anastasia State Park, just south of Saint Augustine, has four miles of undeveloped beach teaming with wildlife. The campground is tucked into a live oak hammock not far from the beach.Sea Urchin, Site 76

The first few days were a wintry mix of fog, wind and rain. We took a short walk on the beach but couldn’t see much of anything. We were guided by the sound of the waves.

On the plus side of inclement weather, we had a chance to catch up on the movies we’ve missed as well as check out some local restaurants.

A fabulous gumbo from Catch 27 in Old Saint Augustine.

While this may look like soap suds we’ve been assured they are not. This is the result of the wind and waves pulverizing zooplankton and phytoplankton.

The sun eventually arrived with moderate temperatures that allowed us the opportunity to ride and hike the beach.

We met up with Shelly’s sister Andrea and her family, Jeff, Jack and Emily, for a walk on the beach.

Monday we pack up and move down the coast.

4 thoughts on “A week at the beach.”

  1. I thought that was snow on the beach. glad it wasn’t. looks like a very peaceful place to hike and ride. thanks for the photos. super as always. be safe. be well. be happy. love you guys


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