It’s All About the Beach

The last time we were in Florida we camped on St. George Island just across from the town of Apalachicola. We liked the area and people kept telling us that the beaches of Cape San Blas just a bit further west on the gulf were even nicer. So this time we reserved a spot at J.H Stone State Park on St. Joe’s Peninsula.Here it’s all about the sand. The campground is tucked into the sand dunes and is about a three minute walk to the Gulf beach.

A nature trail wanders from the campground through a pine forest in the dunes to the bay side of the peninsula. There are lots of birds- we saw an eagle hunting by the bay and jays and cardinals made a daily visit to our site.

Gallberry blooms

For us the most fun was on the gulf beach. We never made it to the tip of the peninsula because beachcombing for shells and the soft sugar sand kept us slowly following the 7 mile beach.

Watching the shore life is really fun…but sometimes it’s fun to get your feet wet and enjoy the view.

12 thoughts on “It’s All About the Beach”

  1. Great photos.
    Looks like you enjoyed it as much as we did.
    Grayton, Henderson, st Anthony, fort Pickens all have a unique feel, but overall I still like St Joe’s for that unending beach and dunes.


  2. You look so fit and tan. Meanwhile, back in Fair Haven, it’s cold and rainy but we are hoping the rain will melt the last of the big muddy snowbanks. As of Monday, the ice on the Bay is melted. We thought that was good, but you show us warm water and sandy beaches!


  3. Did you get a new tin can (different one?), you two are definitely the coolest people I know! PS,I got a Neitzches gig in June and a Mohawk gig in July …. bring your earplugs!


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