Out and About in Santa Fe

Since Ellen and Rory left, we have returned to a more leisurely pace. Because they only had one week here, we wanted to show them all our favorite spots and we crammed a lot in during their week in Santa Fe.

Even though we slowed down, we have managed to visit a bird sanctuary, an Art gallery and take a few hikes this week.

Located at the mouth of Santa Fe Canyon, the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary is a 135 acre wildlife sanctuary with hiking trails and the historic home and studio of artist Randall Davey.

We also took the tour of the Davey home and studio.

The home began its life as a sawmill in 1847 and then a grist mill. Randall Davey purchased the building and property in 1920 and lived here until his death in 1964.

Located in the Railyard neighborhood of Santa Fe, the Site Santa Fe gallery always has something interesting going on.

Jacob Hashimoto’s installation “The Dark Isn’t the Thing to Worry About” consists of rectangular and circular kites of Japanese rice paper.

These photos really don’t do this work justice. As you enter the exhibition you are treated to a site specific installation hanging from the ceiling. What a delight.

That evening we attended a performance by The Dovetail Orchestra. They provided live accompaniment to a number “scary” silent shorts.

The foothills of Santa Fe offer ample opportunities for hiking and biking. We checked out La Tierra Trails.

Even after numerous visits, it’s still a pleasure just to wander the streets of the city.

This is a flat painted wall.

While Ellen and Rory where here we hooked up with their nephew Danny who treated us to an insider’s view of the Santa Fe Opera House.

What an impressive facility. Thanks Danny for taking time out of your day and showing us around. It has gotten us thinking we need to come back during opera season to check out this aspect of Santa Fe culture.

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