Heading North in Arizona

When we booked four more days at Catalina State Park, we were closed out of the main camp grounds but found a home in overflow. This is really just a open parking lot with assigned spots along the perimeter.

We’re not sure why but the campers in overflow are a much more social group. We spent a pleasant four days here hiking, biking and meeting new people.

Since our stay in January the Catalina Mountains have received a bit of snow and it was melting during this stay.

What was usually a dry wash had become a broad expanse of flowing water.

Reaching the hiking trails required wading across. No problem.

Pat met up with some fellow bird nerds for some comradely bird watching. Pat’s favorite sighting that day was a Broad Billed Hummingbird.

After a lovely sunset we headed north to Lake Pleasant Regional Park on the northwest side of Phoenix.

Our new backyard view

Lake Pleasant is a large lake with 114 miles of shoreline. It was federally constructed as part of the Central Arizona Project. Most of the water comes from the Colorado River and supplies the needs of Phoenix and Tucson.

The park provides lots of opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking and biking.



9 thoughts on “Heading North in Arizona”

  1. Lake Pleasant! I have both good memories and not-so-good memories of living in Arizona. One time, particularly worrisome as a mother, was when my son, Matthew, walked alone through the mountains from Prescott to Phoenix, arriving in Phoenix 4 days later. I was very glad that he remembered to call me when he finally got to Lake Pleasant!
    Happy you are enjoying the lake and that you have each other to hike with!!!


  2. Love the pics. Lake Pleasant looks really nice. Hope you’re staying dryer than we are. Most of California is officially out of the drought. Been raining 2 of last three days. Another big storm coming Tuesday and Wednesday. We came for a tan and are getting water wrinkles. Went to a Ramen place last night. Excellent! Thanks for getting us on board.


    1. Are you and Sandy still on the coast? Our weather finally warmed up with lots of sun. Heading up to Sedona where it’s predicted to be colder. We’ll see. Thanks for the Balboa Park dedication. We like that park as well.


  3. Love “Pat on the Rocks”..your new cover photo! Beautiful photos as always; careful where you sit, eh?
    Enjoy life! Had some good new snow to xctry ski in, will be cold again for awhile, then we are READY for the spring? Did I say Spring in Buffalo????? We shall see…


  4. Thx for the pics. Back in Buffalo, missing my desert! The spring flowers are going to be amazing this year. Heading to Portugal this next week. Hope we can get together when you venture back this way.


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