Red Rock Fever-Weeks 2 & 3

Our time in Sedona hit a snag at the start of our second week. The weather turned cold and wet and we developed head colds. Nothing major but we stayed in and read a lot. When we started feeling better we decided to take it easy and confine our explorations to easy hikes and indoor attractions.

The Arizona Copper Art Museum in Clarkdale pays homage to the copper mining heritage of the area.

The museum is located in the town’s former High School. The building is crammed with all things copper.

These are artillery shell casings from the First World War that have been fashioned into vessels by soldiers. The shells are brass, an alloy composed of copper and zinc.

The town of Clarkdale was built in 1912 as a company smelter town for the workers at the nearby copper mine.

We took a few easy walks along Oak Creek.

Walnut Canyon National Monument is located southeast of Flagstaff. The last time we were in the area we missed checking out the 700 year old ruins of the Sinagua people, ancestors to the Hopi.

The canyon is loaded with ruins but the public has access to a only a small number of them.

By week three we had shaken our colds and were ready for the arrival of Pat’s brother and sister in-law.

This was the first time Mike and Donna had explored the area. Of course we had to take them on some of our favorite hikes.

Devil’s Bridge

Sedona is known for its extensive Jeep trails. Mike decided he needed a Jeep to explore them.

While out with the Jeep we stopped by the Honanki cliff dwellings of the Sinagua people.

We also explored the nearby town of Cottonwood.

We then continued our explorations of Sinagua ruins at Montezuma’s Well.

The water level in this sink hole has remained constant even during Arizona’s recent droughts.

Nineteenth century graffiti is in evidence at the Well.

We stopped by the nearby V Bar V ranch to checkout the impressive wall of petroglyphs located there. As an extra treat we saw our first Coatimundi. Sorry no photos.

This is only a small sampling of the petroglyphs.

All too soon Mike and Donna returned home and we got ready to fly to Chicago to meet our new grandson Max…

and play with his big sister Rebekah.

After a great week in Chicago we returned to Arizona to continue our journey.

11 thoughts on “Red Rock Fever-Weeks 2 & 3”

  1. as always wonderful pictures, wish we were there with you
    For sure the coolest grandparents!
    travel safe, 4Storeys


  2. Great stuff! Love the photo of the jeep. I’d love to do that. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and got back to see the family. Nothing better. We’re home and packing up the house. We did tons of yard work too. A lot of work! We’re just received an offer that we accepted. Now house inspection etc. My mom fell and broke her hip on her 93d birthday last Thursday. She’s doing good health wise but not mobile yet. My brother and I need to get on same page about her future. I’ve been suggesting more care but she’s been adamant about staying home so… our trailer is outside San Jose. Getting free storage while they do some minor repairs. I’ve booked stops all the way from Nappa to Seattle for June 30. Happy trails! Bill


    1. Sorry to hear of your Mom’s fall. Hopefully it’s just a minor setback for her.
      Congratulations on selling your house. That didn’t take long. Good luck with the transition.
      The Jeep trails were a lot more fun then I expected. My brother in-law rented a Jeep Rubicon, very sure footed and surprisingly comfortable.
      We’re in mid coast California for about 10 days then into the Sierras for some National Parks. Hopefully, the snow has melted by the time we arrive.


  3. Awesome photos as always, especially for those of us NoVa bound, as in stuck in NoVa at the moment. But I was struck most by how much Pat’s brother resembles her father. OMG, that’s Mr. Hall, our bus driver!!! Wow!


  4. Hi Pat and Shelly. Congrats on your new grandson, Max. When was this new little cutie-pie born? It’s nice to see you with both of your grandkids–they’re so much fun! Thanks for the great pics and now I know about the coatimundi too. Reply when you get a chance.?

    Belle ________________________________


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