North by Northeast

We left the Gulf Coast of Florida and headed diagonally north and east across the peninsula. Anastasia State Park is one of our favorites. The camp sites have good separation and easy access to 5 miles of undeveloped ocean beach.

Pat biking the campground road
Angel Wing Loop site 102

The beach at Anastasia State Park is a beautiful section of Atlanta coastline, no high rises or other commercial development to spoil the view.

Our stop allowed us to visit with more family members. We hung out with Jeff and Mary who were on their way to the Keys.

Pat’s sister Mary and her husband Jeff
Our nieces Amy, Nancy Beth and Kerry after eating lunch at the Floridian in St. Augustine.

Shelly’s sister Andrea and her husband Jeff recently purchased a house about a 1/2 hour from the State Park.

It’s a short walk from the house to the ocean.

The weather during our stay was not always warm and sunny. We experienced some windy and wild ocean conditions. When you have a lot of wave action you get a lot of sea foam which blows up on the beaches. This is not caused by pollutants but is actually dissolved phytoplankton ~ organic material that has been agitated by wave action creating the foam. The “scientific” name for this foam is splume (an apt description in our option)

We took a break from our Florida wanderings to visit our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Spending time with these little buggers was worth the shock of colder temperatures.

We also hooked up with our friends Al and Anne who were spending a few weeks in St. Augustine. It’s always nice to find ourselves among old friends when traveling.

We’ve enjoyed our stay in St. Augustine but it’s time to start heading West.

3 thoughts on “North by Northeast”

  1. You be careful out there! I just saw that the Pandhandle is getting remnants from the Nashville tornado. It was great hangin with you guys ❤️


  2. I have never seen “sea foam” before. Thank you for the explanation of that phenomenon. Thanks, again, for the awesome pictures.


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