Down By The River

After a lovely stay near the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay we’ve moved south and inland to Myakka River State Park. Site 13, Big Flats Campground

We were happy to get a spot at this popular campground. There are lots of birds here but by far the most common are Black Vultures.

It turns out that Site 13 backs up to a stand of palms where they come nightly to roost. Every night at sundown they swarm into the tops of the palms to settle in for the night. The real issue here is they stink. At times it feels like we’re camping next to a chicken coop. But, there’s lots to do and we don’t spend a great deal of time in camp.

Fortunately, there are lots of other birds and wildlife in the park. Sandhill Crane

Black-crowned Night-Heron (juvenile) And lots of these

A large prairie-river system dominates the park.

There’s plenty to do in and around the park. In the park there is birding, biking, hiking and a canopy walk.

The Park is situated near Sarasota, Siesta Key and Venice. Our plans include a visit to each of these areas.

We decided to take a drive and spend the day on Siesta Key. The beach here has been rated best beach in Florida based on the sand quality. It’s very fine and white and draws a lot of people to the beach.

We’ll be here for one more week. The adventure continues…

3 thoughts on “Down By The River”

  1. Do you worry about the alligators coming into your camp?
    Love the green palms and your green shirt! Good camouflage!
    Enjoy life!


  2. Oh, the color of that water is amazing! We’ve never been to Siesta Key but now I think we need to go there. We loved our stay at Myakka several years ago. There’s so much to do in the park! I’m assuming you’ve done the tram tour through the backcountry. We also did the airboat ride and it was fun. Those Black Vultures really are stinky—LOL at your comment about camping next to a chicken coop. Your photos are making me want to go back to Myakka (just maybe not in site 13). 🙂


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