The Long Way Home

We decided to return East by way of Nebraska and Iowa. Our first stop was North Platte, NE home to the Bailey Yard and the Golden Spike Tower.

The observation deck of the tower gives a commanding view of Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard. They claim to be the world’s largest train switching yard.

The yard covers 2,850 acres and is eight miles long.

The repair shop services 300 locomotives every day.

We left North Platte and headed down US 80 to checkout Lincoln NE.

The Nebraska State Capital Building was built between 1922 and 1932 of Indiana limestone.

Sage advice as you enter the capital building

Entry door detail

Nebraska is the only State with a unicameral legislature. Since we were there on a Sunday, not a whole lot was going on. We did manage lunch at an excellent brewery and a visit to two small museums.

The Sheldon Museum is a small contemporary art museum on the University of Nebraska campus with an excellent collection.

Lincoln is also home to the International Quilt Museum.

The Museum was featuring quilts of India…

…and Liberia

We entered Iowa on US 80 but quickly left the Interstate in search of a few roadside attractions.

We made our way to Elkhorn and it’s working windmill.

The large Danish community purchased the windmill from Denmark in 1970, had it disassembled and shipped to the US. It was reassembled using volunteers and is the only Danish windmill in the country. Shortly after it left Denmark its government outlawed the practice.

No trip through Iowa would be complete without a visit to Audubon and the world’s largest concrete bull, Albert.

As we headed to the Cedar Rapids area for an overnight stay we went through Templeton, home to one of our favorite rye whiskeys.

Sadly they were closed.

Cedar Rapids was a pleasant surprise, good restaurants, interesting architecture, friendly people and an excellent independent bookstore.

Our ultimate destination was Chicago to spend some quality time with these buggers.

As we always do after a long trip, we stopped at the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center OH for some routine maintenance. While they were working on the Tincan we took the opportunity to bag another state high point.

While we love the “road trip lifestyle”, it is always nice get home in time to enjoy summer in Buffalo. We have a few short trips planned over the next few months BUT we are taking a break from the blog until our next trip south. Visit us in Buffalo soon!

Home at last!!

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