The Other Utah

We continued along US70 toward Moab to meet up with our Denver friends Barbara, Roger and Genevifka. US70 enters Utah through the San Raphael Swell, a ruggedly beautiful area.

We arrived ahead of our Denver friends and did a bit of touring in Canyonlands National Park.

The plan was to hook up with Barbara and Roger and two other families at Dead Horse Point State Park. We were unable to secure a camping spot in the park so we booked a space @ the KOA in Moab.

We had a blast with these intrepid campers.

And a Big Apple Getaway

Our nephew Keegan was selected to be part of the Whitney Biennial. We weren’t going to miss an opportunity to celebrate with him and his family.

Ellen, Rory, Eamon and Keegan

“Blue Door”


“Incoming ”

The work is amazing. The photos don’t really convey the complexity of these paintings.

Detail from “Outside”

Ellen, Kitty and Larry

We took the NYC Ferry from Manhattan to Red Hook to visit Keegan and Eamon’s studio. The ferry is a great way to see the city and couldn’t be easier.

Studio Eamon

Pat, Rory and Keegan

A rare photo of Shelly and sisters Ellen and Andrea.

After a whirlwind four days it was time to fly back to Denver to pick up the Tincan and continue East.

This is what greeted us in the morning. No matter, the road beckons.

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