Stuck Here In Limbo

After pulling the plug on our trip we needed to decide what to do next. Should we head back to Buffalo or postpone our return till the worst of the virus outbreak has moved on. the Tincan is a self contained living space which allows for easy self isolation. We decided to stay on the road for a bit longer and asses our options.

We moved up the Mississippi River to Lake Chicot State Park in Arkansas.

Site 19

We booked two nights at this popular fishing lake. The Tincan sat up on a bluff overlooking the largest oxbow lake in America and the largest natural lake in Arkansas.

Other than fishing and boating there wasn’t a lot to do. The hiking and biking trails were muddy from recent flooding.

After two days we decided to move north and west to Tupelo, Mississippi. We were able secure 18 days of camping with a full hookup at Tombigbee State Park.

Site 6

Just sitting around camp is getting old. We shouldn’t complain with beautiful weather and the ability to stretch our legs hiking or biking in a beautiful woods in spring.

Did we mention that it’s springtime in Mississippi.

May Apple
Christmas Berries

As beautiful as the woods in the area are will still wanted to venture into town to see if this one attraction could be safely visited.

The King’s childhood home

While Tombigbee State Park has been a safe (full hookup) place to land, it has limited cell service and as of today is technically closing down. With conditions on the ground changing so quickly we have decided to pull up stakes and head back home. Since the blog documents our travels which have stopped, this will be the last post for this trip. Rest assured that once we hit the road again the blog will reappear. Thanks for following along and we’ll see you on the other side.

Sunset on Lake Chicot, Arkansas

11 thoughts on “Stuck Here In Limbo”

  1. Thank you for sharing your photos of your trip. Be safe . We’re good ; not going out , only for necessities. Jazz fest. might be canceled.  Love Sue & John

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  2. Thanks for the lesson and stay safe on your way back home!
    An oxbow lake is a U-shaped lake that forms when a wide meander of a river is cut off, creating a free-standing body of water. This landform is so named for its distinctive curved shape, which resembles the bow pin of an oxbow. In Australia, an oxbow lake is called a billabong, from the indigenous Wiradjuri language. Wikipedia


  3. A great run. Heading home makes sense in case they keep shutting stuff down. You two be the Arkansas Traveller’s!


  4. Feel sad for you both, we all think and talk about you often travel home safely
    Hope we can catch a game sometime


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