Emerging From Limbo

We returned to Buffalo in April of 2020 to take stock of the pandemic and consider our travel options. Vaccines and cautious planning convinced us that our life on the road might be possible again.

The Tincan in storage

In May of 2021 we ventured to Portland OR for a long planned remodel of the kitchen area of the trailer. The idea was to get more storage and living space. We added a storable table, new counters and sinks, upgraded stove, cell booster and stereo. We love our upgrades, particularly the stowaway table.

Our friend Richard fabricated the wood tabletop.

The Southwest has always had a special appeal for us. On October 1st we left Buffalo to make our way south and west. After a weekend visit with our son’s family we headed down the Mississippi River to Hannibal, MO; Mark Twain’s childhood home.

The Mississippi River as seen from Lover’s Leap in Hannibal
Hannibal is all about Mark Twain
The Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse. Just 244 steps and you’re there.

We camped at a private RV park that was home to the cave made famous in Tom Sawyer.

From Hannibal we traveled south and west to Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri.

The interior was even grander.

Our visit was prompted by a desire to ride a section of the Katy Trail. This trail is one of the longest rails to trails in the country.

We started in Portland and rode to Rhineland
This section follows the Missouri River

We stayed in Binder City Park just west of Jefferson City. It’s a small campground near Binder Lake. There are 16 sites and is very quiet. There are several mountain bike trails in the park but we didn’t have time to try them.

After we leave Missouri we’ll be traveling to Arkansas for visit to Hot Springs. We’ve been trying to get there for the last two years. Stay tuned to see if we make it this time!

18 thoughts on “Emerging From Limbo”

  1. Wow. Great experiences in Hannibal. We didn’t visit when we passed through and now I need to go back.
    I remember the countryside was nice from there west.
    Love the capital and the rail trail too.


  2. How nice to hear from you and the “tin can” again! Glad you made it to Tom Sawyer’s area and the cave. Did they turn off the lights for you? Katy trail was also a good choice, glad you liked it. Keep on Trucking, my friends!


  3. So glad Tin Can Travels is back!! Great seeing you both, albeit too short. Do plan to come at Xmas time. Keegan and Mathilda will be here and Keegan asked again if you guys would be in town. Keegan’s gettin married!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ (haha)


  4. Nice to hear you’re on the road again.
    Great additions to the tin can.
    Looking forward to your adventures again.
    Michael & Vicki


  5. You’ve come a long way from Armstrong Ave., Shelly, and looking for Indian arrowheads in the empty lots like we did.


  6. When I opened my email, I was so pleased to see Tin Can Travels! It was great catching up with you this summer and now you’re off and running again. Have fun and looking forward to more posts. Mark Twain pics and comments were fun. Maybe you can convince more people to get vaccinated while you’re there?! Arkansas too. The last picture was gorgeous!


  7. Thanks for the pictures.  The kitchen looks great . Glad you all are having so much fun . Great retirement . We’ve got en out and heard live music . Much needed. Maybe next year Jazz fest we’ll be back. Love to all Sue & John

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  8. I love traveling with you vicariously- we go such interesting places! Beautiful photos , thanks!
    Enjoy those hot springs .


  9. We’re so glad to hear from you! The photos are fantastic and we love hearing about your travels. Get to the hot springs! – Kathi & David


  10. So glad the tin can is rolling again! Buffalo works, but the open road is definitely your happy place. Such interesting sights already. Thx Pat and Shelly for the vicarious fun.


  11. Hi! It was great to meet you both at KOA in Hot Springs. Will follow along on your adventures. We are sitting in a distillery (Harvest Host) imbibing on delicious drinks in Iowa headed home to MN. Take care, Deb and Walt

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We were at the Revelton Distillery in Osceola. It was our first distillery visit and a good one aside from the traffic noise from I35. We did visit SQZBX and McClard’s in Hot Springs. Good stuff. Unfortunately WADE (WAlt&DEb) has been winterized, soon to be thoroughly scrubbed and put to sleep for a few months until we figure out our next adventure. Sigh! For sure we’re going to Nashville for the John Prine tribute we were supposed to attend but was postponed because of covid until next October. What’s in-between remains to be seen. Safe travels.


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