Desert Hot Springs, CA/Sky Valley RV

Here we are staying in another private RV park. What gives? In Tucson staying in a private RV park gave us easy access to Tucson and great mountain biking. Here at Sky Valley it’s access to the mineral hot springs as well as its proximity to Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs. We scheduled our stay to coincide with the Palm Springs Film Festival which was sadly canceled due to the current Omicron surge.

Site 212 in the Paradise Loop
Our backyard at night

The mountain biking here involves riding along dirt roads through the Colorado desert. It’s not a very scenic ride.

We booked two weeks to enjoy the park’s hot springs.

We get to the springs when they open and often have them to ourselves.

Our proximity to Palm Springs gave us the opportunity to hike the Indian Canyons located in the ancestral home of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.

Palm Canyon
Plentiful water alows these California Palms to thrive
Our lunch spot
The Palm Canyon trail leads you to the dry ridge overlooking the canyon
We went hiking with Paul and Susanne whom we met in Tucson

No trip to Desert Hot Springs is complete without a visit to the Sam Cobb Date Farm whose motto is “We Grow Good Dates” and they do it without pesticides. The date blooms are pollenated by hand and placed in mesh bags to keep insects and animals at bay while the fruit matures.

If you can’t make it to the farm you can always order online

The nearby Whitewater Preserve offers excellent hiking opportunities. We chose the 4 mile Canyon View Loop.

Paul and Susanne joined us
The trail offers great views of the wash below as well as the surrounding mountains
As we ended our hike we had a wildlife sighting
Big Horn Sheep

Palm Springs has a very nice art museum, vaccinations are required as well as masking while inside. Robert Longo’s large charcoal drawings were featured.

Pat and Susanne checking out Longo’s drawing of the Capital Building
80” Great Rhombicosidodecahedron by Anthony Jones

The museum also has an eclectic mix of outdoor installations.

Palm Springs Babies by David Cerny
History of Suspended Time (A monument for the impossible) by Gonzalo Lebrija

East of Desert Hot Springs is one of our favorite National Parks- Joshua Tree. In spite of their name they are not actually trees they are succulents. Mormon immigrants named them as they were heading west.

Succulent Hugger

Joshua Tree NP is very large, spreading across the Colorado and Mojave deserts. In addition to Joshua Trees there are wonderful piles of Granite boulders to explore.

We spent a day hiking the Black Canyon section of Joshua Tree with our friends Paul and Susanne. We headed out to the Panorama Loop.

As an added bonus Shelly was able to spend time with his high school friends Jim and Suzy.

The Desert continues to call

11 thoughts on “Desert Hot Springs, CA/Sky Valley RV”

  1. Palm canyon looks great and the canyon loop view photo is beautiful and Inviting.
    I would love to see the museum too. Great photos. Thanks for posting.


  2. Hello from David and me! Wonderful photos and captions. Sure hope we’re able to see you both seem time this year!


  3. Great photos! Looks like you guys are enjoying a fabulous winter. Those are some of our favorite desert locales, too—Tucson, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs. Your 2022 is obviously off to a excellent start!


  4. So cool and warm! Very cold in Buffalo, but we keep on trucking (or at least xctry skiing to stay warm). Loved Joshua Tree , loved all the little oasis we found in the desert (my very first ever) and did the Boy Scout Trail and found real Jack rabbits! Watch out for those “jackalopes”! Enjoy! Joanne


  5. The hot spring looked delightful…and warm. Enjoying your blog posts, as always. Mini visual vacation for us stuck here in frigid Buffalo.


  6. Great post! Especially enjoyed your photos from Palm Canyon and those gorgeous boulders in Joshua Tree. Jim and Suzy?? I don’t recognize them!
    Keep on having the fun you lucky journeyers 🚴‍♀️


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