Tucson/ Desert Trails-Final Edition

Flying the Friendly Skies

We left Arizona for a short visit with our son’s family during the Christmas season. The flight to and from Chicago was remarkably stress free.

Why we fly

As much as we enjoyed our Chicago visit it was great to get back to the desert.

A challenging section of the trail
After a couple of nights of rain there were puddles on the trails, a new experience for us
We missed those evening skies

While we’ve seen roadside memorials in our travels I don’t think we’ve seen as many or as well kept one’s as those along the roads of Tucson.

On Signal Mountain
At the intersection of Ajo Way and Camino Verde

We discovered an outdoor Mercado in the Menlo Park neighborhood of Tucson with an outstanding Japanese/ramen restaurant that operates out of a shipping container with outside seating. The food is excellent.

We returned to a favorite local brewery, Moto Sonora, it has a nice beer garden to go along with their great beer. On previous visits we admired a lovely BMW R75/5 on display in the bar area. It was only after our second visit that was a we realized the the motorcycle was on loan from former House of Representatives member Gabby Giffords.

We also made it to a great bread bakery, Barrio Bread. They are producing some of the best sourdough bread we’ve eaten.

Our stay at Desert Trails has been fun and we would definitely come back whenever we return to this area of Arizona. After seven weeks in one spot it’s time to get going. We have a two day stop scheduled at Buckskin Mountain SP on the west coast of Arizona along the Colorado River.

The campground
We had a nice spot near the river

The campground offers opportunities for hiking and boating. We don’t have a boat but we do hike.

Our front yard

We’ll be moving on to Southern California for a one month stay. Arizona has been great but California here we come.

10 thoughts on “Tucson/ Desert Trails-Final Edition”

  1. Hi Pat & Shelly,

    Thanks for the update!

    Those sun-baked trails look terrific. We haven’t been walking… really low temps and a big storm coming tonight. Being shut in for the blizzard will hardly be novel: we are hunkered down anyhow trying to avoid Omicron.

    Thinking we don’t want to engage with the medical system until the big wave goes by. Looking forward to the availability of the covid pills. Dan was sick with what turned out to be just the flu, week before last, and it was a nightmare.

    The national political situation sure is a bummer.

    On the positive side….getting lots of reading done.

    Dan caught a squirrel. It froze to death in the trap. Woops—that’s grim.

    We are so bored we actually watched the Bills game last night (well, the first half). The Bills ran right over the Patriots in the freezing cold at Orchard Park.



  2. As always, amazing pictures and spot on commentary. Thank you for sharing! Stay safe and healthy as you venture further west.


  3. I’m only a LITTLE jealous of your beautiful travels! I’ll enjoy vicariously through you both! Looks beautiful… Safe travels on to Cali!!


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