A Week Among the Rocks

We left Red Rock country and headed south and west to the central highlands of Arizona. We settled in at a private RV park, Point of Rocks RV, nestled in the granite Dells of Prescott AZ.

Site 63

We arrived to overcast skies, some intermittent rain and colder temperatures. Watson Lake was a short hike from camp and we wasted little time before going exploring, the weather be damned.

The lake was created in 1916 when Granite Creek was dammed as part a Chino Valley irrigation project.

Scrambling among the granite boulders surrounding the lake offers endless possibilities for exploration.

The Dells owe their distinctive look to long term weathering of natural cracks in the granite. These granite boulders are estimated to be 1.4 billion years old.

Nearby is the Pea Vine/Iron Lion trail. This 11 mile trail system runs along the bed of the former Santa Fe & Prescott RR.

The Iron Lion Trail emerges from the granite boulders into an expansive view of the Prescott Valley.

The Pea Vine Trail also has great views along the shore of Watson Lake.

Also close to camp is the Constellation Trail system that meanders through the granite Dells. The trails are owned and maintained by the City of Prescott.

White dots mark the trail

We spent a wonderful morning wandering through these magnificent granite boulders.

Thumb Butte is a distinctive feature in the Prescott National Forest on the westside of Prescott.

The steep two mile loop trail takes you to the “Thumb”. Whenever we’ve hiked the trail the final ascent to the top of the Butte has been closed because of Peregrine falcon nesting season. Regardless, the views are great.

That’s the Chino Valley in the distance

It’s been a fun week but time to move on.

7 thoughts on “A Week Among the Rocks”

  1. Those boulders! And another beautiful sunset photo. You guys are really soaking it all in. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month!


  2. Cool, the Dells are really neat! Happy Trials! Off to Maderia this coming Friday and some sunshine and flowers! Yeahhhh. Joanne


  3. Great shots! When we lived in Sedona we’d occasionally go to Prescott for Costco/TJs and ride the Pea Vine Trail, a great ride, beautiful formations. I just read they’re extending it another 3 miles.
    Safe travels!


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