Tucson/ Desert Trails Edition 1

When we travel in the Tincan we gravitate toward National, State or County parks. These parks offer great amenities as well as amazing scenery. The downside is you can only stay for a maximum of two weeks. Currently there are a lot more people on the road looking to camp making these parks harder to get into. This year we decided to try a private park for an extended stay.

Site W9 next to the TV Lounge on a rare cloudy day

We woke up to this on our first morning in the park.

The park’s location puts us close to Tucson galleries, restaurants and breweries. Every place we want to go is about a 25 minute drive. The real attraction however is the extensive system of mountain bike trails accessible from the park.

The beginning of another great Arizona sunset

The Saguaro National Park-West is a short drive from Desert Trails RV. The Park offers the Bajada Scenic Loop drive and numerous hiking trails as well as thousands of Saguaro. It takes 70 years before the Saguaro sprout branches or arms. They reach their full height of 40 to 50 feet after about 150 years.

The Signal Hill Trail is a short hike to a number of petroglyphs made by the Hohokam people between 450 and 1450 CE.

We always enjoy wandering and biking through the Sonoran Desert. There’s no telling what you might see.

Crime scene?
A rare crested Fishhook Barrel Cactus; the first we’ve seen
A rare crested Saguaro Cactus; the second one we’ve seen

Sunsets in the Sonoran Desert are a special event. We worry about boring people with endless photos of sunsets but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

Sunset from Gates Pass

9 thoughts on “Tucson/ Desert Trails Edition 1”

    1. I can’t see enough beautiful desert sunsets and unusual sights! You guys are the best to travel with vicariously.


  1. Love your sunsets , NEVER bored by them. Love the birds who nest in the Saguaro cactus too.
    Enjoy the sunsets and the trails! Joanne


  2. Thank you for sharing your awesome experiences “on the trail.” Some things never seem to get old, such as rainbows and sunsets.


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