Tucson/ Desert Trails Edition 2

Waiting for the sun to set
Right on time at 5:20 pm MT

Madeira Canyon is located an hour south of our current location. It is one of the many “sky islands” that can be found in southern Arizona. Sky islands are forested mountain ranges surrounded by “seas” of desert and grassland.

Hiking through the mountains of the sky islands adds a different twist on hiking in Arizona.

We find that wherever we want to go on this side of Tucson takes about 30 minutes. This includes restaurants, coffee roasters, breweries and movie theaters.

The Loft requires proof of vaccination and wearing a mask during movies
Good beer and a spacious beer garden
Good food to go along with excellent beer

While heading back to camp we decided to drive up Signal Mountain to check out the sprawl that is Tucson.

We continue to bike the the trails which wander through Tucson Mountain Park. Lately we’ve enjoyed riding at dusk when the shadows are long and the air is cool.

Shelly’s new friends

These are two of our neighbors we visit with nightly.

We continue to find unusual cacti as we wander the desert.

A double crested barrel cactus

We’ve posted a number of desert sunsets and neglected to post one of the spectacular desert sunrises.

We got up early and were treated to this gorgeous sunrise

10 thoughts on “Tucson/ Desert Trails Edition 2”

  1. Hey Pat & Shelly,

    Happy Holidays! Are you going to get to see the grandkids in Chicago? Your dispatches are fun to read. Good photography and succinct but informative travelogue. I have been baking cookies like crazy, and making little tins and packages to share. And today I made baklava. Last year I didn’t bother with much of anything beyond the tree. Every other year works for me.

    I’m open for yoga and massage—working only with vaxxed people. Even with boosters, this Omicron is scary because we don’t quite know what to do….are we safe, or not? How long do the boosters last?

    Tonight is our special candlelight restorative class and I’ve got to hunt up how to do that—it’s been so long.

    Take care,



  2. Seasons Greetings from Rochester.  John and I love your Tincan Travels and find them beautiful and full of wonderful places to see.   It’s Covid bad up here and wearing a mask is safest to use in stores –  all stores and restaurants.  Glad you’re enjoying your travels. Mark Iacona wants to put the Jazz Fest back into the City like before – and is hoping for June 2022.  I can’t see it happening , just my opinion. Too many logistical problems with Covid – and musicians from other countries may not be able to show – lime I said – just my opinion. I do wish him well with trying to get back up and running.   We’re staying home for Christmas and new year just trying to avoid crowds. Have a great holiday season. Happy Hanukkah belated.   Safe travels where ever you go.  Thank you for your postings.   Miss you.  Sue and John Bardo. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  3. Wow! You sure know how to enjoy life Pat! Magnificent! Thanks and happy healthy new year wishes.

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Hi to both of you. Loved your nightly neighbors and long shadows pics–could be award winning quality!


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