Tucson Redux

Site C19

We secured a week at a favorite Pima County Park, Gilbert Ray Campground. It is located in the Tucson Mountain Park which has wonderful mountain biking trails (the same mountain biking trails that we accessed from Desert Trails RV in Nov and Dec). The park exists thanks to the work of C. B. Brown who was able to prevent mining interests from developing the Tucson Mountains. In 1929 Pima County established Tucson Mountain Park on 29,988 acres of the Sonoran Desert. It was the largest country park in the United States at that time.

New bike, old friend
It’s all about the trails

Part of the joy of travel is discovering unique local restaurants. There are lots of Mexican restaurants in the Tucson area but La Indita offers an interesting twist. The family restaurant draws on its Tohono O’odham roots to influence the menu. One of the specialties is the Indian Taco. Think of a taco with the tortilla replaced with Indian fry bread.

We also found an excellent bread bakery that specializes in sourdough breads; Barrio Bread. If you find yourself in Tucson don’t pass up a visit.

Some of the Tucson Mountain Park trails require biking skill levels beyond what we are capable of. That’s not really a problem because those are the trails we hike. One of these is the 5 mile Brown Mountain Loop.

The trail offers great views of the park

While it’s only early March, spring has begun and this means wild flowers.

Woolly Desert Marigold
Globe Mallow
Fairy Dusters
Parry’s Breadtongue
California Poppy

After seven days in Tucson Mountain Park it was time to move on. We hooked up the Tincan and headed northeast to Catalina State Park. The park is very popular and we were only able to secure a few days in their overflow campground. Basically a dirt parking lot with spots very close together. You also have access to a very nice modern bath and shower facility.

Site 3 in Overflow

The upside is that the other campers are friendly and considerate of other peoples space and we had a spot in a favorite state park where we can continue to hike and bike.

Bridle Path
Biking the Nature Trail

Camping at Catalina SP also puts us within biking distance of the Steam Pump Farmers Market where we stocked up on coffee and greens.

On our last day in the park we decided to hike the Canyon Trail and check out some of the fire damage from the October 2020 fire that burned 47 acres of the park.

Burn damage lines the trail
Water in the Canada del Oro Wash
Photo courtesy of Julie and Scout

Tucson is our turn around point. From here we start heading north.

8 thoughts on “Tucson Redux”

  1. Thanks for all the sunshine, we just loved AZ, looks like lots of new places we missed to visit again! Snow here very pretty but will all melt with warmer weather coming in this week. Take care and “Happy Trials” Joanne


  2. We’ll be missing you by just 2 weeks. Will be at Catalina 2 weeks from today. Great photos. Nice bike!


  3. I am glad spring has sprung some place. Northwest Ohio had a low of 15 with a windchill of 2 degrees Saturday night. We are supposed to reach 70 degrees on Thursday; that is Ohio weather. (If you don’t like today’s weather, you may like tomorrows.) Your pictures and commentary, again, are much enjoyed. Thank you!


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